In order to successfully file a complain or a request for a return, it is mandatory to follow the steps defined below:

1. If photos of the item would be helpful for documenting the condition of the item you bought and received, you can send the photos on along with the original receipt of purchase. You can send us (PNG, JPEG, BMP, or GIF; max size 5MB).

2. We will determine the condition of the product using the picture you send us. Bearing in mind, once approved for return we will send out the confirmation to you.

3. Pack the item carefully. Include the packing slip, apply the shipping label, and send the item back to the us. You must return the item within 7 business
days of requesting the return. It’s a good practice to include tracking information when returning an item.

4. If you’re using alternative shipping method (different from what we used to ship you the item), you should make sure that tracking is included in order to keep in check with the progress.

5. Return the item in the same condition you recieved in. For further information see the item condition policies.

If you’re requesting for an exchange or a refund, you will have to return the item that has been shipped out to you. The return shipping charges will be beared out by the sender/you and you are allowed to use alternative shipping arrangements.

When you’re returning an item using alternative shipping methods, make sure that you understand the item condition policy/return policy and agree on the shipping service, it’s delivery time and cost.

Most cases that we review under our return policy are solved with an exchange or replacement but upon request of a refund we cater through automatically adjusting for any applicable restocking fees or shipping charges.

Refunds policy strictly does not apply for a *free item.

In situations where the item fulfills the return policy the refund will issued under the name of the buyer.

Refund will be issued under the conditions that:
– The item you recieved is not as described.
– The item you received is damaged, or missing parts.
– The packaging is damaged affecting the overall presentation of the product.
– You did not recieve the original reciept of payment once your order your is confirmed. Mostly the reciept is send out to in the first hour of your online purchase.
– The delivery time exceeds the shipping time given to you with the original purchase reciept.
– A purchase has been made by mistake to which the individual should cancel the placed order in the next 24 hours from the purchase.

Refund will not be issued under these condition:
– You request a refund because you have not recieved your tracking order in the first hour of your original purchase. Tracking order usually takes 5-7 days to be issued.
– You request a refund on an item that came as free/extra with the original purchase.
– You request a refund on an item under the “Just pay shipping” offer.

The total refund consists of the price you paid for the purchase (includes item cost, other charges, sales tax, etc.) and the original shipping cost.

If issued a total refund, Funky Little Thing will only refund the the fee mentioned above and this will not include the shipping fee you paid for returning the item.

Refund usually takes 10-14 business days to be processed after an item is returned and recieved here. You can always ask us to step in to resolve your issues with a better alternative. For more, write to us on our support email


Funky Little Thing may offer you the option of returning an item for a replacement or exchange instead of a refund. Should you accept to recieve an exchange or replaced item, the item will be comparably equally in value to the original. A replacement is a new item that is exactly the same as the original item described in the listing. An exchange is a new item that is different than the original item described in the listing.

You can request a replacement or exchange if:

– The seller offers replacements or exchanges in the listing Return policy.

Things to keep in mind when requesting a replacement or exchange:
– Your request for a replacement or exchange will be entertained if the item isn’t as described in the listing. In case of damaged parts and missing equipment, please see the return shipping charges section for more details.

– If you’re unable to return the item because it’s unsafe to ship (such as a ruptured and leaking battery) or broken beyond repair, then you’re entitled to a complete refund or exchange in which the product or item will be replaced in 5-7 business days of processing time.

– Funky Little Thing ships the new item to you within 5-7 business days once you ship the original item back.

– Ship the item back to Gamers Cavalry within 5 business days of requesting the replacement or exchange. If you don’t ship the original item or product back to the seller within 30 days, you’re charged for the cost of the new item.